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Whitney Orthodontics is a great place to get your braces! The staff is nice, and makes sure their patients are enjoying their visit!

Whitney Orthodontics is a great place to have work done on your teeth. The workers there are so nice and they always try to make up a conversation to take our mind of of what is about to happen. They tell us the good parts of what they are going to do if it could be a little scary and try to explain it. Also at the end of every appointment they will give you a ice cream you scream we all scream for ice cream so everybody will walk out with a smile. The best part is the gift cards. so this is how it works, every time you go they give you a certain amount of points depending on what you do your behavior what you wear and what happens but be careful because they can also take points away. I hope I inspired you to come to this great place.

i absolutely love whitney orthodontics! they are great and have amazing costumer service!! such a pleasure working with them while having braces:)

I like how there is a rewards program and I’ve cream after every meeting.